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dna repair

Nourishe DNA Repair™

Every Nourishe Organic treatment is individually formulated to repair and strengthen the DNA that determines your genetic make-up and ensures the cells in your skin function at their optimal level.


Kristin Bauer

Kristin Heather_Nourishe

As Nourishe’s owner and visionary, Kristin believes that true healing lies within us through a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection. Her current skin care methods combine cutting edge technology, emotional detoxification, and organic, signature treatments. Skin is a teller of internal health; detoxifying and alternate healing methods are part of Nourishe’s comprehensive approach to skin care. Dedicated to raising awareness about the toxicity in skin care products, Kristin formulates all Nourishe treatments and the Nourishe Organics skin care line using 100% organic and wild-harvested ingredients, and with a commitment to honoring Mother Earth.


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